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Because Your Piano Matters

To enjoy the richness of your piano’s sound and beauty, regular tuning is essential. A well tuned piano offers a delightful experience for both players and listeners, producing vibrant and satisfying tones, and the opportunity to hear your piano’s complex voice.

Not only is a tuned piano valuable for your ear and pitch reference, it allows the piano’s strings and cabinet to fully breathe, bringing out all the overtones and harmonic resonance it has to offer.
Protecting your piano

Why Tune Regularly?

Because of the extreme tension created by the strings, allowing a piano to remain out of tune with itself can result in warping and damage to the soundboard, pinblock, and other critical components.

Your piano’s tuning needs depend on a number of factors, including how often it is played, and the environment in which it is kept. The materials within a piano develop a memory, including how it functions as a whole. Preserving the integrity and condition of your instrument is a valuable investment.


Whether it’s a full tuning, maintenance, or simple repair,
we hold your piano in reverence

Full Tuning

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Each piano has its own voice. We can help it resonate its best

Maintenance & Repair

Guidance and simple repair is within our scope of overall piano care


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