The most beneficial service choice for most pianos in functional condition includes the following:          

  • Initial evaluation (new clients)
  • Tension adjustment as needed 
  • Fine tuning
  • Light cleaning

Advanced Maintenance & Repair Include:

  • Regulation (ease and responsiveness of play)
  • Voicing (unique sound and character)
  • Sticking keys
  • Damper adjustment

What Is Tension Adjustment?

If it has been over 12 months, or if your piano has been moved since it was last tuned, it will likely require a tension adjustment prior to a full tuning. 

A tension adjustment is a preliminary tuning  that gently encourages the instrument into the correct shape to receive the tuning. This process sets the foundation for a full tuning to remain stable longer, and with more consistency. 


We offer piano assessment consulting in the event you would like to understand the full picture of the condition of the piano, but aren’t yet ready to have it serviced. Here are some criteria that might indicate an assessment would be beneficial:

  • Considering purchasing a used piano
  • The piano exceeds 70 years old
  • A desire to learn the extent of anticipated maintenance and repair the piano requires

Extended Service Area Fee
Standard trip fee of $10 includes customers within the central SLV – Alamosa, Monte Vista, Del Norte, Center

If your piano is in one of the many towns beyond the central part of the valley, there will be an additional trip charge based on your location

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