About Me

Growing up in a house of musicians, and pianos, it became rather evident that having an additional tuner in the family would be an asset. I began learning the art of tuning and piano care after taking home a piano headed for the landfill. It’s a 1920 Kimball, full size upright, that needed not only cabinet care, but strings, hammers, and various insides to be tended to, not the least of which has been a long and arduous series of tuning sessions. It has such a vibrant and complex voice, and projection that is rarely found in an upright of more modern eras. It’s proven entirely worth the extra effort. 

Through this process, I discovered I have a natural aptitude and interest in caring for pianos. I decided  to start learning what was needed for me to care for my own. Part of the learning included an opportunity to visit (and an offer to intern at) a well respected piano restoration shop in SLC that I’ve been following for a while now. I really enjoyed observing the process and approach for each unique piano they had in various stages of repair/restoration in the shop.

It’s quite satisfying to tend to all that my piano has shown it would benefit from. It’s like getting to know a new, old friend. Turns out, I enjoy working on others’ pianos as much as my own. 

– Cecily

Restoring & Awakening

My piano, a 1920 Kimball, rescued from a destiny in a landfill, has been my project since the summer of 2023. From cabinet rework and cosmetic rejuvenation, to action repair and realignment, I’ve enjoyed uncovering the beauty of this instrument. 

I’ve repaired hammers, adjusted dampers, reattached/recreated stretched and worn out bridle straps, and pulled the contents of an entire desk drawer from under the keys and within the strings. Along with a significant amount of cleaning and mechanical adjusting, I’ve now begun working on the key tops, and am finally getting to tune it.