Schedule Service – Grands & Baby Grands

Service sessions are available at various times, day and evening, most days of the week.
Because tuning and care for a piano is sometimes a process that can require a few hours of quiet, uninterrupted focus, we do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Initial Consult & Assessment

Your first servicing includes a full assessment of the current state of the instrument. This is a complimentary, and necessary component of our ability to safely service your instrument, and depending on the state of your piano, can add up to an extra 30 minutes, or more, in overall service time. 


Grands & Baby Grands

Grand, Baby Grand

$130 base charge
Includes tuning and related care to provide for tuning

Some pianos require advanced care and/or secondary tuning because of their state of care. Any additional services related to ensuring a tuning’s success will be presented to, and approved in advance by our client

After a full assessment, we will discuss any anticipated additional expense for your approval before commencing


Maintenance/Refinement Tuning
Grands, Baby Grands

$50 minimum, includes up to 2 octaves; beyond 25 keys, additional charge determined as required by the piano

A maintenance tuning includes touch up for slipped keys due to movement, environment (humidity/temp changes), or other circumstances, where the piano is otherwise

Voicing Services
Please inquire directly for an estimate for your specific piano


Repair needs are determined on a case by case basis. Quotes for materials and labor will be offered for services within our scope; for repair and restoration needs that exceed our capacity, we will be happy to offer recommendations

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